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                                CHURCH OF SCOTLAND                           


                     TRUSTEES’ REPORT AND ACCOUNTS  

                                 FOR THE YEAR ENDED

                                    31st DECEMBER 2018


                               Charity Number SC 012537
                            Congregational Number 231410


Charity Name                                        Fintry Church of Scotland
Charity Registration Number                SC 012537
Congregational Reference Number       231410

Contact Address                                     105 Main Street,
                                                                Stirlingshire ,
                                                                G63 0XB.

Rev Sigrid Marten                                  Mrs Helen Robb
Mr Tom Macadam                                  Mr Christopher Drapper
Mrs Meg Duckworth                              Mrs Pam Lightbody
Mrs Rosie Walters                                  Mr Hugh Edmond
Mr Robert Rowan                                   Mrs Fiona Boyd
Mrs Margaret Strang                               Mrs Anne Wright

Mrs Barbara Macleod

Minister                                                    Rev Sigrid Marten
Session Clerk                                            Mrs Meg Duckworth 
Clerk to the Board                                    Mr Chris Drapper
Treasurer                                                   Mrs Sandra Smith 

Mr W. Phillips CA                                     Bank of Scotland
19 Barnwell Place,                                     136 Buchanan Street,
Balfron                                                       Balfron
G63 0RG                                                    G63 0TG

                                  31st December 2018


The Church is administered in accordance with the terms of the Model Deed Constitution.

Members of the Kirk Session and the Congregational Board comprise the Trustees of this Charity. The Kirk Session Members are the Elders of the Church and are chosen from those Members of the congregation who are considered to have appropriate gifts and skills. Individual members of the Congregational Board who are thought to possess the skills and commitment to contribute to the management duties associated with the church, are also appointed from the congregation.  Board Members are appointed at the Stated Annual Meeting and serve for a period of three years following expiry of which they are eligible to seek re-appointment. Elders are appointed for life.

The Congregational Board is chaired by the Minister and meets approximately five times a year. Certain responsibilities are delegated to the Treasurer, Property Convener, Presbytery Representative, News Letter Editor, Fund Raising Committee and Social Convener. The Kirk Session which meets approximately five times a year has responsibility for spiritual affairs within the church.

The Church of Scotland is Trinitarian in doctrine, Reformed in tradition and Presbyterian in policy. It exists to glorify God and to work for the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom throughout the world.

As a national Church, it acknowledges a distinctive call and duty to bring the ordinances of religion to the people in every parish of Scotland through a territorial Ministry.  We co-operate with other churches in various ecumenical bodies in Scotland and beyond.
Fintry Kirk holds a Morning Service every Sunday combined with a Creche and Sunday School in the Session House as needed. The sacrament of Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of March, 
June, September and December.
A joint service is held at Fintry Kirk on Maundy Thursday and at Balfron Church on Good Friday. The two congregations share united summer services during the month of July, two at Fintry and two at Balfron.
During the year there were three funerals, one wedding and one christening in the church.
The year, for the first time in many years,  the annual Remembrance Day service was held in Fintry Kirk at 10.45 am along with the rest of the nation. The service was taken by Mr Alistair MacPherson  as the Minister was attending the Re-dedication of the War memorial in Balfron at the same time. The 10.45 am service  proved to be very popular with the congregation and may be considered for 2019.
In December the pupils, parents and staff of Fintry Primary School held their annual Carol Service in the kirk.
An active Guild is associated with the church and close contact is maintained with our linked church in Balfron. 
Financial support is donated by the congregation to a number of charities including Strathcarron Hospice, Poppy Scotland, Christian Aid, Start up Stirling, Comfort Rowanda Congo, and Robin House. Collections after funerals in the Kirk have ensured substantial donations to Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, the RNLI and alzheimer charities 
In addition there is a pastoral programme targeted at the entire Fintry community. A Newsletter is distributed four times a year to the whole community and available on the Fintry Kirk website.


During the year the Kirk Session and Congregational Board have embarked on new initiatives and expanded others. 
The Fund Raising Committee once again held a successful Bedding Plant Sale which is very popular in the community. 
With few facilities in the village for older residents, regular and well supported lunches are held on the first Friday of each month at the Fintry Sports Club for senior members of the community.
Once again our annual Harvest Home lunch was very well supported with more than 70 members of the congregation and community -ranging from children in high chairs to senior citizens in their 80s -enjoying a three course lunch. All the food and produce was provided by local farmers, gardeners, members of the congregation and villagers. In a country parish this revives the old Harvest Home tradition and is an effective way of building closer relationships with the community and is warmly supported by local farmers. Donations to the Harvest Thanks Giving service in the Kirk were once again donated to the Simon Community for the homeless in Glasgow.

Over the last three years a great deal of money has been spent on the fabric of the church, particularly the tower. It appears we have finally found a solution to the ingress of water problem. The situation will be continually monitored.

The second phase of repairs to the Session House have been carried out and are detailed in the Property Report. 
The rota of four highly qualified organists - Mrs Susan Harrington, Mrs Marion Paterson, Mrs Rosalind Macgowan and Mr David Loosely - works very well and their professional playing is greatly appreciated and enjoyed by the congregation.

The congregation and community continue to support the Kirk in 

many ways. A team of 34 members of the church and the community  provide floral arrangements for Sunday morning services, which are later taken to the elderly, sick or bereaved in the village. Thirty-two members of the congregation, including three married couples, provide a Sunday morning welcome at the door of the Kirk and 18 other members provide tea, coffee and biscuits in the Session House after the service.

We remain financially in a stable situation, and plans are in place to increase the fundraising activities of the congregation and the involvement of the wider community.

The Kirk website is now available on the internet and a suggestion from the Communications Group to use Facebook and Fintry Buddies to update the community on church activities has been very successful.

This year a major refurbishment, repair and repainting programme of work has been carried out in the Session House. The woodwork and windows outside have been repaired and repainted. Inside the meeting room has been repainted. The ceiling in the minister’s room has been repaired and the room repainted. All the carpets in the Session House have been renewed. A new time clock has been fitted to the flood lighting and a new oil tank has been installed. The security fence will  be completed when the weather improves.
A new Frost-Stat has been fitted after the old one stopped working.
One pew at the back of the church has been removed to create space for two wheelchairs with seating alongside for carers.
Regular checks on the stonework of the tower during the year have confirmed there is no ingress of water following the successful 2017 treatment.


Our year started again in September, this time with 16 members, but numbers are often swelled by the presence of guests.
This year the Guild Rally was held in Dundee. Three members attended returning with positive reports.
In November there was an outing to Stirling. Members enjoyed lunch at Forth Valley College and an extremely instructive tour of the Engine Shed, which now showcases building construction.
Our regular syllabus involves monthly meetings from September to May, at which guests speakers enlighten us on a wide variety of subjects.
Once again the Guild organised an Easter Breakfast in the Session House before the Easter Sunday morning service.
Afternoon Teas are provided for the congregation, members of the community and visitor to the area. They are held in the Session House on the first Saturday of the month from April to September. They are well attended and assist in financing Guild projects and re-embursing visiting speakers.
The Guild is no longer a “ladies only” evening. Increasingly an interested, if small, number of men join us where the subject has a particular interest for them. Like many organisation of all types we  would welcome more members and visitors, but our Guild is, as always, in good heart.
The Guild also supported the Blythwood Shoebox Appeal and this year collected over 90 shoeboxes and donations to cover the cost of transport for the charity.

Although there are no young children regularly attending church this year, a creche is made available in the Session House when required. The leaders still raise funds and support a children’s school in Gambia.



On 31st December 2018 the Fintry Kirk Congregational Roll was 99 During the year three of our oldest members, Mrs Margaret Mitchell, Mrs Jean Hutton and Mr George Crawford died.


Reserves are held on behalf of the Congregation by the Church of Scotland General Trustees.  There is a Capital A/c and Revenue A/c.

The Revenue A/c can be drawn on to cover fabric/maintenance expenditure.  Fund raising also takes place throughout the year. There is also a Deposit Fund.  Details of the funds can be found at the end of the Accounts.

………………………Trustee        ………………………Trustee

Date …………………                   Date ………………….


Trustees' Report
for the year ended
31st December, 2018.

Congregation No: 231410
Charity No:  SC 012537

Fintry Church
Receipts & Payments Account
Year ended 31st December, 2018.

                                       Unrestricted    Restricted   Endowment
                                                    Funds               Funds          Fund                    Total         Total
                                                    2018                 2018            2018                      2018          2017
                                             £                    £               £                        £            £
Receipts   (Note 3)
Donations                                     26,033                 -                       -                      26,033      29,601
Bank & Deposit Interest               -                          -                       107                       107          107
Investment Income                              65                 -                       -                             65            64
                                                      26098                                        107                    26,205      29,772

Other Receipts

Guild Income                                  1,188                                                                   1,188        1,740
Sunday School Income                      158                 -                       -                            158          132
General Trustees                                                      10,960                                       10,960     14,422  
Total Receipts                              27,444                 10,960             107                   38,511     46,066

Payments   (Note 4)
Cost of generating funds                      98                   -                       -                           98            93
Charitable Activities                     40,702                                                                 40,702     44,276
Total Payments                         40,800                                                                40,800      44,369

Excess of Receipts                        
over Payments                             (2,396)                                                                (2,289)       1,697 

Fintry Church
Statement of Balances

at 31st December, 2018.
                                       Unrestricted     Restricted    Endowment     Total           Total
                                                     Funds               Funds           Funds               2018          2017
                                                     £                        £                   £                        £                  £                

Bank & Deposit Balances
at 1.1.18
General Funds                             16,345                 -                    -                       16345           14,761
Guild Fund                                   1,084                 -                    -                         1,084             1,050
Sunday School Fund                       105                 -                    -                           105                 133
Endowment Fund                                -                 -                     1812                   1812             1,705                
(Dunwaters Trust)                     
TOTALS                                    17,534                                      1,812                 19,346          17,649                   

Movement in Year:
Excess of Receipts over
Payments for the year

General Fund                              (2,249)                                                                (2,249)             1584                                        
Guild Fund                                    (145)                                                                   (145)                34
Sunday School Fund                        (2)                                                                       (2)              (28)
Endowment Fund                                                                              107                   107               107
TOTALS                                     (2,396)                                          107                (2,289)           1,697
Bank & Deposit Balances                                                                                                                   
At 31.12.18.                                15,138                                         1,919               17,057           19,346
Investment at Market Value
Growth Fund  (cost £250.33)                                                                                  1,869.60      1938
Income Fund  (cost £1863.00)                                                                                2,559.44.     2,662.15
                                                                                                                                 4429.04      4,600.15                           
The Accounts were approved by the joint Kirk Session and Financial Board.
For and on behalf of the Kirk Session & Financial Board on:      Date:................................................

….........................................................  Trustee               …..................................................... Trustee

Fintry Church of Scotland
Notes to the Accounts (Cont.)
 1.  Trustee Remuneration & Related Party Transactions.
             Apart from the Minister, no trustee received reimbusement of expenses. 
             Rev. Sigrid Marten received  payment of the following expenses – Travel/car expenses £480
             Telephone & broadband expenses of £224.73.   The Church paid   1551.73  representing 50%     
             Council Tax  for the Manse.   In addition 50% cost of an Athena Fireplace system in the Manse    
             at a cost of   2637.00.   Miss H. Bannerman received  1800.00 for Cleaning Services.  
             Payment of  2640.00 was made for Relief Organist.  A 3%  increase will apply in 2019 .
             for this service.   Tax recovered from Gift Aid  for period 01.04.16 – 31.03.17.  amounted  to 
             Repairs to the Session House were carried out at a cost of £2350 also a new carpet was 
             purchased and fitted for  800.00.   It was necessary to replace the oil tank at a cost of  1494.00.
             Maintenance/Repairs were claimed and refunded from the Consolidated Revenue Fabric Fund.
2.  Movement in Funds.   
                                              At                                                                                        At
                                              1 January        Receipts        Payments    Transfers       31 Dec. 2018
                                               £                       £                    £                   £                     £
Unrestricted Funds.
General Fund                         16,345              26,098            39,307                               3,136 
Designated Guild Fund           1,084                 1,188              1,333                                 939
Designated Sunday                    105                    158                 160                                  103
School Fund
                                              17,534               27,444            40,800                               4,178
Restricted Fund
From General Trustees                                    10,960                                                    10,960
Endowment Fund
The Dunwaters Trust                1,812                  107                                                       1,919        
Total Funds                            19,346              38,511             40,800                            17,057
Purpose of Designated  Funds

Guild Fund                              This fund enables members to express their faith through charitable
Sunday School Fund               This fund provides resources for the Sunday School.

Purpose of Endowment Fund
The Dunwaters Trust              This fund to be used for the benefit of those in need in the community.
Fintry Church of Scotland
Notes to the Accounts (cont.)
                                                  Unrestricted      Endowment
                                                                   Funds                Funds                Total            Total
                                                                   2018                  2018                     2018            2017
3.   Analysis of Donations
       WFO Scheme (non Gift Aid)                   -                                                   -                   -
       Gift Aid Donations                              11,231                                        11,231            11,562
       Tax recovered on Gift Aid Don.            3,901                                          3.901             7,854
       Ordinary Offerings (open plate)            3,064                                          3,064             4,483
       Other offerings, Donations  guild etc.      510                                             510                100
       Weddings                                                  250                                             250                800
       Fund Raising Sales                                   770                                             770                700
       Princeton University                                 749                                             749                145
       Charitable Collections                           2,353                                          2,353             2,482
       Pulpit Supp/Locum                                1,926                                          1,926             1,151
       Easter Lunch                                                30                                              30                 50
       Legacy                                                    1,000                                          1,000                   =
       Misc. (Wee Kirks)                                     249                                             249                274
                                                                     26,033                                         26,033           29,601

4.  Analysis of Payments
Cost of Generating Funds

Offering Envelopes                                             98                                                98               93

Charitable Activities
Ministries and Missions Allocation             14,757                                         14,757         14,906
Presbytery Dues                                                351                                              351              376
Ministers Expenses                                           705                                              705              962
Pulpit Supply and Locum Expenses              2,191                                           2,191            1453
Fabric Repair and Maintenance                     9,092                                           9,092         13,020
Council Tax                                                    1,552                                           1,552           1,441
Heat & Light                                                  1,876                                           1,876              660
Insurance                                                        2,002                                           2,002           2,010
Relief Organist                                               2,640                                           2,640           2,510
Printing Stationery & Postage                           177                                              177              317
Cleaning Duties                                             1,800                                            1,800           1,800
Other Expenses  (Life/Work etc)                      263                                               263              202 Hospice/Charities                                           1,803                                            1,803           2,753
                                                                     39,209                                          39,209         42,410
Guild                                                              1,333                                            1,333           1,706
Sunday School                                                  160                                               160              160                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           TOTALS                                                      40,702                                          40,702       44,276

Fintry Church of Scotland
Notes to the Accounts (Cont.)

5.   Minister's  Stipends
All Church of Scotland congregations contribute to the National Stipend Fund which bears the costs of all Ministers' stipends and employer's contributions for national insurance, pension, and housing and loan fund.   Ministers' stipends are paid in accordance with the national stipend scale, which is related to years of service.   For the year under review the minimum stipend £27,044  and the maximum stipend (in the fifth and subsequent years) £33,234

6.   Collections  for  Third  Parties
                                                                                                  2018                        2017
                                                                                                   £                               £
        Christian Aid                                                                       781.00                    947.47
        Alzheimer Scotland                                                                  -                         444.30
        Robin House                                                                       301.00                          -
        Start up Stirling                                                                   100.00                          
        Comfort Rowanda Congo                                                          -                   1,000.00                             
        Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland                                           587.00                          -
        Erskine Hospital                                                                  184.00                     90.00
        R.N.L.I.                                                                               400.00



CAPITAL ACCOUNT                                            2018                                2017
                                                                             £                                       £
Credit balance held at 31st December 2018 at cost          85,389                                      85,389
Market value at 31st December 2018                               122,914.05                             127,931
Credit balance held at 31st December 2018                     14,727.02                                 21,233

General Congregational Purposes                                   11,164.82                                 11,108
as at 31st |December 2018


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Some personal thoughts on this uniquely special day
By now, everybody must surely know that this Sunday is the hundredth anniversary of the day that the first world war, finally ended. Our little village must have been very different then. Slow down for a moment and try to imagine how it was.  
It’s actually not that difficult. Take out the estates, schemes and new builds. The Inn’s restaurant was not built, nor were the adjacent flats. The only civic building was the Menzies Hall, there was no Sports Club or Culcreuch School. Children attended the Stewart School at the Cross, some walking bare foot from ‘Old Fintry’, where the road goes over General Wade’s bridge on its way to Denny. The farms were smaller too, so remove the big metal barns and storage towers. There were no pavements in the absence of metalled roads. The Main Street got its water from stand pipes. Electricity had not arrived and the sewage scheme was years away. There was no tv, radio, internet or even telephone. But they did have a couple of shops.The population had collapsed from the near 6000, of the mid 19th century active mill days, to around 280, but from this tiny number 56 men joined up - around 20% or every fifth person.  But fate was kind to our valley, and 44 returned; 2 were to be awarded the Military Medal. One man, formerly the subject of a dreaded War Office telegram, arrived somewhat later, into what surely was a bewilderingly happy family.  He had been a prisoner of war.In your sympathetic relief for former neighbours unknown, spare a thought for Newfoundland folk across the Atlantic Ocean. During the Battle of the Somme, their regiment was all but wiped out in the first half hour of its first engagement. The Island bought the land where they fell, and maintained it, just as it had been left. It is now the Newfoundland Memorial Park. I visited it with London schoolboys in 1963. It was a beautiful warm blue skied day, but as one of the lads pointed out, not a single bird was singing.      Some things you just never forget.tmw


Fintry's Men of the Great War

4th August 1914 - 11th November 1918

Early 20th century Europe was a fragile tinderbox of political instability. It festered in a heady mixture of inter-connected alliances, imperialism, militarism and nationalism. This made the aftermath of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, inevitable unstoppable war. Though many politicians spoke out against it, no country stepped away.

Before the Archduke’s demise, the European malaise had little effect on the lives of folk like Peter Watson, an ordinary young ploughman, labouring in the obscurity of Culcreuch home farm . But once that pistol fired, he and millions of ordinary men like him, friend and now, so called, foe alike, were thrown together in a bloody conflagration, the like of which the world had never seen. Many volunteered, some in groups of mates, unknowing of what was to come. Superimpose on this a pandemic that people called Spanish Flu, and is alleged to have killed more American soldiers than the actual fighting, together the unforgivableness of chlorine gas, (and remember, both sides used gas ) and you have something of the unjoyous mix that was the first world war.....the Great War......the war to end wars  -  if only it had.

When Britain committed itself to that war, the population of Fintry was 280. Over the next four years 56 men and boys born and raised in this community volunteered. Three men had already emigrated to Australia and one to New Zealand, they all joined their local regiments. Of our 56, 44 survived and returned home, one returning much later than the others. Twelve did not return; their names are inscribed on the War Memorial Window, to the right of the pulpit in the Kirk. One is buried in Jerusalem, one at sea, 2 have no known grave, but, like the remainder who rest across the channel, among countless fellow comrades, they too do reside under the neat ever-tending care of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. By the front door of our Kirk, you can read the names of all those who answered this particular call to the colours. They are remembered in a framed illuminated parchment. Those who returned are in black, those who did not are recorded in red.   

For the 12 families who had known the hollow hopelessness of loss, their grief, mixed with joy for their neighbours, was rekindled, as they watched the men of other families dribble home; but for one, there was to be a miracle.

Private Peter Watson was the ploughman from Culcreuch farm. In October 1915 he enlisted in the army and joined the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders at Stirling Castle as a Platoon Dispatch Runner. During some of the heaviest fighting in Europe it was his job to take urgent messages along the front line. On his 21st birthday he was awarded the Military Medal for continuing to work "under heavy shell fire". But on 29th April 1917 he was reported "killed in action", this being confirmed to his family by a War Office telegram. A few weeks later his official obituary, including a photograph of him in regimental uniform, was published in the Stirling Observer. 

A year later, after the liberation of a Prison of War camp in Germany, a second War Office telegram was delivered - Peter was alive and was returning home


 Fintry Roll of Honour

Shortly after the hostilities ceased, this record of those who went to the war, was placed to the left of the church door, and, like many others throughout this country and abroad has remained in its original position ever since, more than most people's lifespan. 

Fintry was lucky, the majority printed in black returned, those printed in red did not return. One is buried in Jerusalem, one at sea, two have no known grave, the remainder rest in the appropriate cemetery to where they fell, in northern France and Belgium.

Photograph: Hugh Edmond, Fintry. 


Rededication Service

Fintry Kirk War Memorial Window

Armistice Day
Tuesday 11th November 2014

Welcome by Rev. Sigrid Marten

Hymn 81: I to the hills will lift mine eyes.


John 15: 9 -17:  Read by Lt Col.(Rtd) Chris Drapper
'Perhaps' by Vera Britten: Read by Barbara MacLeod

Hymn 161: O God, our help in ages past

We Shall Remember Them:
Read by Andrew Spence (Primary 7)

The Last Post
Two Minute Silence


Remembering Their Names
The Names and Stories of those who died in the First World War
The Roll of Honour of those who Fought in the War
The Names of those who died in the Second World War

Laying of Wreaths
On behalf of Her Majesty the Queen: Vice Lord Lieutenant of Stirling James Parker
On behalf of the Scottish Parliament: Bruce Crawford, MSP
On behalf of Stirling Council: Councillor Alistiar Berrill
On behalf of the families: Mr Duncan Bennett and his grandson Ruben Bennett,
grand-nephew and great-great-grand nephew of Privates Alex 'Sandy', Robert and William Bennett

Rededication of the War Memorial Window

Hymn 704: I vow to thee my country


Prayer and Lord's Prayer

Hymn 715: Behold! the mountain of the Lord

The National Anthem

The retiring collection was in aid of Erskine Hospital. After the service everyone collected at the Fintry Sports Club for tea, coffee and scones. The Kirk remained open for viewing the display of 1st World War memorabilia. Tea, coffee and scones were served in the Session House between 2 and 4pm by the Guild. 


Harvest Festival

On Sunday 5th October the congregation and community celebrated the gathering of this year’s harvest with a Harvest Festival in the Kirk. 

Donations of vegetables – of every description – fruit, flowers, eggs, home baking and preserves created a magnificent and colourful display at the front of the Kirk. 

Following the service more than 80 people ranging from 4-month old Dawn Cuthbertson to several “well kent” faces aged 90-plus gathered at Fintry Sports Club.

The three course lunch – leek and lentil soup, lamb casserole with vegetables and new potatoes followed by apple crumble and ice cream - was prepared and served by Brenda Ross and her magnificent team. 

With all the produce and ingredients grown, provided and donated by Fintry folk the only expense at this unique gathering was a charge of £3 a head to cover the cost of wages.

Photograph: Hugh Edmunds, Fintry

Following the Harvest Home meal, the entire display in the Kirk, which filled the back of an estate car, was taken to the Simon Community in Glasgow. 

For more than 40 years the Simon Community in Glasgow has been working to combat the cause and effects of homelessness in the city and ensure everyone has a safe place to live with the support they need. 

The warmth and appreciation from the Simon Community staff for the harvest donations from Fintry will ensure that support continues.

Many thanks to Meg for the words and Hugh for the photo.

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