Remembrance Day
November 11th 2018.

Let our thoughts and actions be on reconciliation and the future. 

2014 was the 100th anniversary of the start of the first ever World War.
2018 is the 100th anniversary of the end of that war.

This service does not glorify war. It is about two things, equally important - least we forget.

We recall and remember what war is about, what it causes, what it fails to mend. This so we know its futility and the importance of its avoidance. 

Further, we have a duty of recall to remember those who lost their lives, all too often before they were really begun, and worse, those who returned maimed in body or mind, too often both, all so we can be free. We need to appreciate what freedom is and how perilously fragile. 

The names of those from this parish who served during WWI are immediately on the left at the entrance to the Kirk. The names in red did not return. They are also recorded on the rear wall beneath the balcony. You may notice a discrepancy in the numbers. One family who had received the feared war office telegram and grieved their son, after the war, experienced the unbelievable joy of his return. He had been a POW. 

The fallen of WWI & II are also in front of us at every service, on the Memorial window to the right of the pulpit. 

The Poppy Day Appeal and 'Help for Heroes', whilst worthy and of vital importance to those they benefit, if anything, understate the case. It is not for nothing that most of those who served, do not talk about it. 

In deference to their sacrifice of  'their life and limb', we must endeavour to value and appreciate the freedom, they enable us to enjoy every day.

In this, the final anniversary year of the first ever world war, let our thoughts and actions be focussed on reconciliation and the future.

As always, and particularly on this day, join us and know that you are welcome.

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