Harvest Thanksgiving 

It is so easy to get our food today, even out of season. Even in the country most of our lives are spent far removed from those who grow it. The vast majority of the world population, faced with a super market, would look agast at the profusion of product and be totally uncomprehending at our tolerance with the amount of waste. 

On this special Sunday we come back to reality, remembering that not everyone is so lucky. So we bring to this traditional service in Fintry Kirk, the best of what we do grow and decorate our church. It is sent on to where it can be used.  

With increasing world population, coupled with ever greater demand from developing nations for products, once almost exclusively for western use, that they now have the ability to buy and every right to share, the need to grow our own and protect our farmland becomes once more vital.  

We cannot continue to be so lucky, or to pay so little. Could there be a return of the school garden that some of us might remember, our children will certainly have to learn to grow more and share more with others mostly far away.

Join us and know that you are welcome.

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