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Indonesian falls foul of nature yet again

The Indonesian island of Sulawesi, the 11th largest in the world and formerly called 'The Celebes'  

has been devastated by a 7.5 scale earthquake, triggering tsunami, floods, and mud slides. 

This country no stranger to natural borne devisation has been hit again. The death toll 

exceeds 5000 as the population of Palu try to get flights out - anywhere. 

The devastation in Palu is extensive with 1000s homeless and the all the essentials of life, 

particularly water, in short supply. Add to this the fact that aid has been slow to arrive, 

and the potential for a massive human crisis, in this comparatively little

reported locus of acute human need is all too clear.

Harvest Festival 2018

This was well supported both in congregation and in gifts of produce and monetary donations.

These were taken once again to the Simon Community for the homeless in Glasgow. 

The Harvest lunch at the Sports Club filled the dining facility to capacity as the community

met together at this, ever popular, annual event.


This generous sum has been left to Fintry Kirk by Mr David Mitchell. 
David served as an Elder here and in several other churches during his long life of Christian service

Shoe Box Appeal

The Guild which organises the Appeal for Fintry
has arranged for the collection of boxes to take place on 

Saturday 10th November at 10.30am in the Session House

Refreshments will be available

Balfron Church Flower Festival and Songs of Praise

The flower festival, with cream teas, will run on Saturday 15th September from 10am to 4pm 

and on Sunday 16th September from 2pm to 4 pm. 

This will be followed on Sunday evening by Songs of Praise starting at 6pm.

Saturday 8th December 2018 

Ever wondered how homeless folk fare on Scotland's cold winter nights, 

you can by signing up at 

After music by Amy Macdonald, KT Tunstal, Lulu, Eddi Reader and others 

you can join with others and bed down under the stars to raise money for the homeless.

August 29th 2018. Prayer Challenge (Background information)

Burma, Bangladesh, Refugees - It’s complicated.

This is a short synopsis from Internet sources. 

Burma, or Burmah, as it was called in the 19th Century is a local corruption of Myanmar an older literary form, and has been adopted by the Government. Recognised by the UN and some countries, but not the US or UK, as the decision was originally made by an unelected military junta. 

There is no official religion, but the government favour Theravada Buddhism, followed by 88% of the population. Of the Buddist three forms, Theravada is closest to the original, strict on doctrine and conservative.  Strangely, being so close to India, Hinduism scores only a 0.5% following and Christainity a surprising 6.2%. Islam is confined to the coastal fringe with 4.3%.

It is alleged by the government that militant Islamists had attacked thirty police posts and government action has thus been confined. Aerial photographs of whole villages obliterated, show this to be a nonsense.

The reality is 700,000 Rohingya Moslem refugees have fled to Bangladesh, to the largest concentration of refugees in the world. The process has been described by the UN as ‘classic ethnic cleansing’. 

The Rohingya are the largest sect of Moslems in Burma, with the majority living in Rakhine state. They are the descendants of Arab traders with their own language and culture. They have lived in Rakhine for generations. 

The Burmese government claim the Rohingya Moslems are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. They are denied citizenship and basic human rights.

For more information, BBC News has an internet page ‘Myanmar Rohingya: What you need to know about the crisis.

May 2018. Prayer Challenge

The idea is to make prayer a greater part of our church life. Everyone is to asked pray on a common theme. This will be announced weekly, in the right hand news column on page one. The time for this is 12 noon on Wednesdays. There is no need to come to the Kirk or the Session House, do it where you are: switch off the hoover, or keep it running, God won't mind; Sit back from the computer; look up from your book and look out the window, whether at home or in a bus or train, but driving, best to pull over into a lay-by! Each of us will of our own, but part of a greater group of people we know. Nobody else will know what you are doing, unless you want to tell them. Of course, if a small group is happier together, all well and good.

Forgotten how or uncomfortable, you are not alone. Think teaspoon - 1 tsp - 

Thank you God for... Sorry God for .... Please God..... 

And you need not confine yourself to the current theme, remember your community, country, and the wider world. Still nervous ? Be still and 'listen' for what others are saying, agree, embellish or add your own thoughts. You are thinking with God.

Annual Plant Sale

The ever popular Fintry Kirk annual Bedding Plant sale will be held. 

this year on

Saturday 26th May

in the Sports Club car parkfrom 10am until 1pm.

With scores of varieties and hundreds of plants

there will be everything you need

for summer bedding, hanging baskets, troughs and planters.

April 2018

When Pamela Jackson from Carron Valley went to the Democratic Republic of Congo as a volunteer in 2015 it set in motion a remarkable train of events. Shortly before she died in September 2017 she said:"This is my last wish and I am asking you all to help me with it." Now, just 7 months after she died Pam's wish has come true. It is bringing hope, happiness and a new life to scores of young girls in Africa - thanks to the amazing generosity of the people of Fintry. Pam's wish to raise money for a refuge girls in the Congo who had been kidnapped and forced to be soldiers wives. They have now been rescued by the charity Comfort Rwanda Congo and now call themselves the the Children of Liberty. They needed a safe place to be, to sleep, eat and study. Pam's fund has provided that. £10,000 was needed, a huge sum, but Fintry raised it. When the fund closed it showed £13,000. Pam learned this before she died. The home is new up and running and gives hope to a multitude of abused young girls.


Senior Lunch Club

Come and join us on the first Friday of the month for, good company, soup and sandwiches, scones, tea and coffee. 

Please let Margaret (Strang) 860288 or Helen (Robb) 860221 know when you are coming.

Dunswater Trust Endowment Fund

The church has a small fund for the benefit of people living in the Parish of Fintry who might value a little financial assistance. Distribution of money is at the discretion of the Minister and is intended for example for one-off items and purposes such as a winter coat or school shoes for a child, assistance with travel costs to visit ill relatives or essential items to enable a student to attend college. If anyone feels they could be helped by this fund please contact the Minister (Rev. Sigrid Marten 440285) in complete confidence.

 Joint Prayer Group

Each Tuesday at 7pm there will a meeting of the joint prayer group with Balfron Church. On the first Tuesday of the month, the meeting will be held in the Fintry Kirk Session House. On other Tuesdays, it will be in Balfron Church. The sessions are informal, and normally last  about an hour and a half. There is no need to pray out loud Some of the most fervent prayers come from the heart and can be both very personal and completely silent.

Please come along support the very important prayer life of the Kirk and know that you are welcome.

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