Whether you are new to Fintry, passing through, or have lived here all your life - Welcome. 

We are a friendly and welcoming Christian community, following in the Scottish Presbyterian tradition. Thus we offer hospitality to all who come, no matter your age, background, culture or gender and no matter whether you come only the once, or become a regular member of our congregation every Sunday. Come and be at peace in our truly lovely and welcoming rural Kirk, set amid Scottish foothills adjacent the Endrick, as it flows quietly past on its way to Loch Lomond.


This Week in Fintry Kirk


Sunday Service

The service next Sunday the 23rd February, will be led by Ms Margaret Baxter.  

During this period, should an occasion arise that would normally involve the Minister, please contact the Session Clerk. 



The Wednesday Prayer
16th February 2020

Return of the Eighth Plague 

We’ve all been caught in a cloud of midges. But imagine them 2 inches long with wings to match. There are hundreds of thousands of them. You can’t see the horizon, there are so many that you crunch them under foot. You are in a locust swarm - they devour your animal grazing and the crops you’ve sown. You are helpless, you cannot beat them, there are just too many, you can only watch the destruction of the family harvest. 

A locust swarm the size of Edinburgh can eat as much as 5 times the population of Scotland, in a single day.

Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya are currently suffering under the worst locust swarms for 70 years. Co-ordinated international help is needed to stand any chance of containing them. If unsuccessful, they could multiply several hundred times by early summer, and large parts of Africa would be at their mercy.

Pray for success, not only for the decision makers at international level, but also for ordinary people, who would suffer the brunt of a failure, that could mean many families return to famine.

 And the Lord turned 
a very strong west wind, 

which took the locusts away and blew them into the Red Sea..

Exodus 10:19 NKJV

(The Wednesday Prayer gives the opportunity to contemplate an important human issue or event, each week, around 12 o'clock.).

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